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A DUI (driving under the influence) is like no other criminal charge. The law, science and procedures are designed to get convictions. It takes special knowledge and experience to properly understand the machines, tests, effects of alcohol, physiology and chemistry which dictate the outcome of almost every DUI case. Expert knowledge beyond that of your average criminal lawyer is necessary to overcome the almost insurmountable odds. When first charged DUI it is easy to become intimidated and afraid because it feels impossible to win and penalties are so severe. We are neither intimidated nor afraid and will make sure you receive the best representation possible.

Devermont & Devermont first defended DUI's in 1971 and received criminal court appointments from the presiding judge on a regular basis. We have handled various types of cases for over 20,000 individuals with substance abuse problems.

DUI is a crime most often committed by citizens who are typically law-abiding, tax-paying, hard-working people. Most of our clients have no prior DUIs when they call us or e-mail us for help. The nightmare that our clients face by being arrested, cuffed, jailed, processed at jail, followed by having to post bond to be released and then retrieve their car from impound can be life-shattering for many.

Other related issues such as explaining to an employer why you were not at work and did not call in to advise of your absence, or dealing with the embarrassment of explaining to a neighbor or family members what has occurred can keep you awake at night. Assessing how a DUI might affect your job, your chances of being promoted, and whether or not (if convicted) you may be terminated or demoted are real-life catastrophes for most of our clients.

Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, impairing vapors or a possible combination of two or more of these impairing substances are commonly referred to by the acronym "DUI". Have no doubt that a DUI conviction is very serious. The level of importance of this crime can best be judged by the regularity by which reports of traffic fatalities connected with impaired driving make the 6:00 television news or the local newspapers. Annually, new DUI legislation is pushed by whatever political party is in power. The appearance of being opposed to DUI helps politicians get re-elected, and virtually every politician will jump aboard that bandwagon.

In this atmosphere of heightened concern for stopping drunk driving and accidents involving impaired drivers penalties can be very tough. If you face a second or third (or more) conviction for DUI, especially if within a five-year period of time, as measured from the dates of arrest for each DUI which either resulted in a plea of nolo contendere ("no contest") to DUI or a DUI conviction to the date of the arrest of the present offense, you can be facing months in jail and total loss of driving privileges.

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"I was under 21 and got my second DUI. The cop made me do numerous alcohol related tests including a breath test. He also had me admit I had been drinking. I was facing numerous criminal penalties and was going to lose my license for years! Mr. Devermont got everything DISMISSED! I was shocked. I would recommend him to anyone " Max


"I never expected to win this case. I cant believe how good Mr. Devermont was at the hearing. The staff was warm and friendly and helped me with any questions I ever had." Robert M.


"I took my friend to see Mr. Devermont, and he helped win my friend’s case. Mr. Devermont is very knowledgeable and compassionate. The staff was so helpful, detailed and so effective. Mr. Devermont has a great track record and we are very grateful for all he has done for us." Roxanne J.